Hi beauty,

Should or want? It’s an interesting set of questions. We invest a lot of time in-between these two. On one hand, you feel like you “should” do this thing because it’s what’s “right”, but you know you really don’t “want” to do that thing, in fact - you want something else for yourself - something that “feels right”.


Where does that come from and why do we spend so much time in-between?


Growing up, we learn certain ways of acting, doing, being.

You may have heard plenty of times, “If you want to be seen as a good person and liked by others, if you want to fit in, and never hurt anyone’s feelings, you “should” do that thing. It’s what’s right.”


The shoulds you struggle with now are those messages we swallowed whole as children.


Sometimes, however - a lot of times, actually - the shoulds are not what we want for ourselves.

That’s because they’re not who we truly are.

They are handed-down messages, memories, values of others, stories that have never fully been processed, worked through, chewed and digested ourselves.

The more we resist who we truly are and what we really want, the more we push authenticity away.


The more we push fulfillment away.


Change happens when we embrace who we are and what we are experiencing - right now.

Living a more fulfilling life happens when we start to tap into our truth and make decisions from that place.


The place of the heart.


So what do you really want?


When in-between this week, try to feel a little more gently into what you are experiencing and your truth. Remember, it’s ok to feel that way. To be that way. Give yourself permission to take some time to make more heartfelt decisions and don’t give in to the demands or rush of others and what they want from you or feel is best for you. Make decisions from your heart. The decisions that feel good, “feel right”. Simple decisions. From a place of the heart.

Wishing you peace, love, and joy.


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