Hi beauty,

Coaching is a {relatively} new industry and it’s growing every day. More and more people are getting on board with the idea that working with a coach can truly help create miraculous change and transformation in their lives.

Yet somehow, there are still so many hesitations around partnering with one (don’t worry - I hear this a lot and totally get why it may still be a little questionable).

Today I’m clearing that up (with some good ol’ practical answers to questions I get asked a lot) so you can release those hesitations you may have around the idea of working with one.

Let’s do this!


What is coaching?

Coaching is a process that helps bring out the potential in a client. This process is done by emotionally connecting the client’s inner purpose and passion to outer goals and strategies to bring about extraordinary and sustainable results (iPEC, 1999).

What does that mean? In summary, a coach will help you figure out who you are, what you truly want, and support you in getting there...they truly help bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be. Working with a coach will inspire you to become the best version of yourself - a woman on-purpose, fulfilled, and completely happy with the direction of her life.


How can coaching help me?

I personally loved my coach training program, and feel I chose the best education I could have. It’s one of the reasons why I believe so much in the power of this work...

iPEC (the organization I was trained by) states that the unique Core Energy Coaching Process goes beyond traditional coaching to tackle the root cause of the client's challenges: their underlying thoughts and emotions (not just the surface issues) and as a result, clients can better connect their inner purpose and passion to their outer goals and strategies - zeroing in on what they really want and breaking through what's holding them back (2016).

In short, this form of coaching can help you achieve real, sustainable transformation, giving you the power of choice and the ability to design a life on your terms.


How do I know if someone is a good coach?

Firstly, when choosing a coach, the relationship needs to mesh well. The coaching professional should also be a good person (yes - they should). If you come across a coach who you feel intuitively is doing it for all the wrong reasons or has some other underlying ill intentions - trust that feeling. It’s usually correct.

Start by reading their website and checking out their social media...that will give you a ton of information behind who the person is, their values, their intentions, their goals, and the type of work they do. Do they seem authentic? Are they relatable? Kind? Can they support you with your issue?

Coaches charge a good amount of money and for good reason too. The work you will do together is a direct return on and investment in your life. My advice is to make sure they are qualified...speak with them, ask them questions, listen to what they are saying, and be choosy!

In my coach training program, we learned about some basic prerequisites for becoming a coach. I narrowed the list down to the qualities that I believe a coach should embody and what you should look out for when deciding to create a new partnership. Your coach should be:







A Good Listener












Process + Product Oriented

Educated, Certified, and a Continuous Learner


And of course, there will be more - depending on who you are and what you require in such a relationship.


How does coaching differ from therapy?

Coaching is different from therapy in that it starts from a functional present and propels you forward into an optimal future. Therapists (usually) aim to bring their clients into a functional present by healing trauma or dysfunctionality that stems from the past. Of course, the two can be combined - with the right credentials and training.


Won't you give me advice and tell me what to do?

As a coach, we do not supply the answers to your problems or tell you what you should do in any given situation. We are experts in the coaching process, not necessarily in your life. Remember - this is your journey and you are the creator of your own destiny.

In general, consultants are experts in their field and are called in to help solve problems in this way. They are there to give you step by step advice based off of their expertise. If you are looking for specific advice on "what works" (let's say for your business or website design), this is usually the way most people like to go.

To go a little further with this topic of "giving advice", as with consulting, coaches do not "show you the way". This style of helping - we leave to mentors. A pretty controversial topic in the coaching industry at the moment (as many people who are clearly mentors are presenting themselves as coaches), it's important to know the difference in approaches before you sign a contract so that you can truly benefit from the work.

Here's the main difference: Coaches believe you are the expert in your own life. A coach who is true to this method of coaching will help you get from where you are to where you want to be by staying objective in your time together and supporting you in developing your own personal experience.

A mentor on the other hand, will help you get from where you are to where you want to be, but will do it by giving you direct advice based off of what has worked for them in their personal experience. You might hear them say something like, "I did this and so can you" or "I'll show you how".

For a more individualized approach a coach may be the way to go, but it really depends on what you want or need from the relationship.


Are there different types of coaches?

Absolutely! Most coaches have specialties and niches.

For instance, I am a life coach who helps women experiencing a life crisis release their past, change their present, and step fully into their most purposeful, fulfilling, and joyful lives through a holistic approach.

There are career coaches, business coaches, family and marriage coaches, arts industry coaches, health coaches, and so many other types of coaches helping many different kinds of people...the list could go on and on.

It’s great to find someone who specializes with your specific life issue...If you think about it in terms of seeing a doctor, it makes more sense. Let’s say you had a problem with your heart; you wouldn’t want to see a family doctor (who deals with a lot of different or more general issues) when what you really need is a cardiologist who has studied and continues to study and work with issues of the heart.


You mentioned you take a holistic approach...What does that mean?

In helping women, I take an approach that looks at every aspect of her life - mind, body, emotions, and spirit - in relation to the whole. I believe our lives consist of many different layers. All of these pieces work together to make us who we are and should absolutely be taken into consideration when approaching the major issues in our lives.


Is what you do a religion or a cult?

This one really makes me giggle (and yes I have been asked this question before).

To be transparent, there is definitely a spiritual aspect to the work I do. There is no hiding that. As I mentioned above, I recognize in my clients the longing for spiritual fulfillment, but what I do in helping women move forward is based in the science of psychology.

Now, to go a little further with this topic, people often get confused or “freaked out” because there seems to be so much crossover. It’s honestly become quite a sensitive subject, which I fully understand in today’s world. The truth is that the form of psychology I subscribe to (Humanistic), stems from and even incorporates other bodies of knowledge such as philosophy and theology. So it makes sense that there would be questions regarding where God comes into this work as the lines can seem a bit blurred at times.

In general though, my work is intended to help women who do recognize God in their life (or are curious about developing what that means to them) and are in the midst of a life crisis as a tool for personal development. Of course if you don’t recognize God or even a presence bigger than yourself (such as the Universe or Nature), I can still support you, as I am sensitive to the vast array of beliefs that people hold.

Now, there will be some unconventional philosophy used to help you view the world differently throughout our time together, but like I said, I am serious about my work, sensitive to other’s beliefs, and truly here to help you develop and strengthen what you know to be true for yourself so that you can establish a greater sense of purpose, fulfillment, and joy in your own life. As a trained coach, I remain completely objective, and will never push any of my own personal beliefs onto you. Practicing ethical behavior is a huge part of my value system both professionally and personally.

So getting back to the main question...Nope! What I do is not a religion or a cult. I’m not going to show up on your doorstep with a pamphlet in my hand or try to lure you into my Sunday mass (I promise).


What makes you qualified to do this work? You look 18-years-old.

Another one of my all time favorites, that yes, I've been asked too many times. Most people are (I'm guessing) expecting a life coach to look...older? Well, I've learned to take these comments as compliments and to incorporate this idea into my professional presentation and branding. Because so many people have consistently commented on how young I look, I know now (more than ever) just how important it is to be completely transparent in just how qualified I truly am.

 As a professional coach and therapist-in-training, who I am and how far I've come in my life are my biggest strengths and qualifications to do this type of work. My personal history and life experience is what has brought me straight to this point in my life, providing me with the strength, open-mindedness, empathy, compassion, creativity, intellect, and desire to support women (just like myself) in the way that I now do.

In addition, this work comes very naturally to me and is something I'm extremely passionate about. I like to tell people that "I've been coaching since I was a kid", because some of my first and most treasured memories are of helping others in this way.

Before I even knew what a life coach was, I was doing it...Naturally.

I also hold multiple degrees in the expressive arts and am a trained educator (something a coach must absolutely understand - creativity, relationships, and the human condition). I took part in the performing arts industry for majority of my life, but professionally throughout my 20's.

Lastly, in my work as a life coach, I am trained and certified by iPEC as a Core Energy Coach and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, and continue to study formally. I am currently enrolled in my post-graduate training to become a licensed psychoanalyst and certified holistic psychotherapist so that I may provide my clients the highest degree of support that I can in healing their pasts and moving forward in their lives.


So how does it work?

Ok, so now that I’ve gone through what I believe to be true about coaching and how I am qualified, I want to let you in on how I personally work with my clients.

The 1:1 Program is my signature program and was created to support women in gaining deep awareness to the cause of their challenges, so that they may truly release what's holding them back from experiencing the life they so deeply desire.


Here’s the steps we'll take together:

  • You’ll start by booking your complimentary session {The Soul Session - 30mins}.

  • During your Soul Session, we'll get clear on your vision and make sure we're a good fit for a coaching relationship.

  • If we determine it's a good fit, you'll be sent your offer with an invoice, contract, and pre-coaching questionnaire to complete and deliver back.

  • On our first call, we'll get to know each other more and discuss the coaching process in full detail as well as set a standard coaching appointment day and time.

  • We will work together for 12 weeks {45mins per session} in a free-form style structure to help you release your past, change your present, and step fully into your most purposeful, fulfilling, and joyful life.

  • You'll report to me each week with the incredible life changes you're seeing and we'll keep you moving forward in your experience with grace and ease.

  • By the end of our time together, we'll celebrate all of your beautiful progress and decide if there is more work to do together or if our time together is complete.


If this is something you are finally ready to do, then I hope this post offered you some relief around any hesitations you may have had. I take on 4-5 clients each quarter (depending on availability) so that I can specifically work with them in an individualized, focused, and quality way.

To sign up now, click here and secure your spot...It’s time to begin your journey forward with a qualified coach by your side.

Wishing you peace, love, and joy.


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