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Hi, beauty!

I'm Meghan Riley, MA, MFA, CPC. I'm a certified life coach, trained educator and creative artist, yoga practitioner, and psychotherapist in training - dedicated to joy.

If you've landed on this page, welcome!

I'm so happy you're here.

Born out of my own life's experiences, I've committed myself to supporting women who are seeking deeper understanding, meaning, purpose, connection, and guidance in their lives. 

Visionary, intuitive, and creative, yet grounded and practical by nature, my method of working with clients has been uniquely developed and is ever-growing. 

I believe it's because of my dedication to this work on both a professional and personal level, that I've devised a truly transformative program.

Our time together will not only be spent in helping you grow into the most radiant version of yourself, but will also support you in creating the incredible life changes you've been seeking - much sooner than you may know possible.

You are meant to live a truly joyful's your most natural state of being. If you're finally ready to make the necessary changes required to step fully into the woman you were born to be, then let's get started.


It would be an honor to be your GUIDE ALONG THIS journey

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With a love for the creative arts, my journey to this work first began as an artist and educator. From a young age, I longed to express myself in greater ways and to support others along their journeys to full self-expression and joy.

I found that within the arts.

I hold multiple advanced degrees in the expressive arts and education fields and continue to study the healing arts as a post-graduate candidate.

The arts have touched my soul in ways that go far beyond just participating in the creative process; they have helped me grow into the woman I am today and have provided me with the necessary foundation, tools, and mindset to think critically, creatively, and become successful in the work I now do with women.

For me, the arts have acted as a necessary stepping stone along the journey to owning who I truly am; my gifts, my strengths, and my divine potential. I now believe the arts were a gift given to me that have provided me the courage and the ability to express my true identity in ways that I never knew possible.

In my late 20's I went through a period of deep self-exploration. I had been searching for where I fit in for as long as I could remember, and it was around this time that I knew I had finally found my calling.

With an innate ability to nurture, understand, and see the best in others, I took a turn in my career and put all of my heart and soul into this new path. I soon became trained as a Professional Core Energy Life Coach through the ICF accredited school, iPEC where I can say, my purpose in life finally became clear.

My work now focuses on helping women who are also trying to find themselves. Whether they feel they have lost themselves along their journey or never truly had the opportunities to develop as they could have, I help my clients hone in on their essential nature, form a greater understanding of their true essence, and express themselves confidently on the most authentic level.

Recently, I decided to add an even deeper element of healing work to my practice so that I can more fully help my clients identify and release what is holding them back from reaching their greatest potentials in life. I took the next step in my own personal growth by enrolling in a post-graduate program, based in Manhattan, where I will become licensed to practice as a psychoanalyst and Gestalt Psychotherapist in New York State.

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I also practice Kundalini Yoga, something near to my heart. I recommend this yoga to everyone seeking a greater sense of meaning in their lives. This technology can help you shift - fast - into higher states of consciousness by connecting you quickly to the truth of who you are and always have been;


In the future, I plan to continue to study the healing arts, grow in my craft, and eventually open a center for personal development and wellness.

Through all of my experiences thus far though, it has been my dedication to growing as a person that I owe all of my successes to.

From the time I was a young child, I understood that there was more to life.

Embracing a growth-oriented mindset has helped me arrive where I am today and is the reason that I am able to serve at the level that I do. I call myself a "life-long learner" because it's something that I'll continue to do as long as I live.

In my mind, there's so much more to know, so much more to experience...


there ARE infinite possibilitIES JUST waiting to be discovered

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The approach I take with clients is a unique synthesis of my own background, skills, training, and continuous learning. I believe there are numerous effective ways to help people, and draw from a variety of theoretical frameworks to help you reach your potential in a completely individualized manner.

As a specialist, I focus in on helping women who feel overwhelmed in their lives answer essential questions such as, "Who am I?", "What is my purpose?", and "How can I live a more fulfilling life?". Based on real issues that women face today, I partner with my clients to get to the heart of change.

Throughout our time together, we will create a safe space to begin exploring how you, too, can transform your life. This work will help you gain the tools to become consciously aware of what has been keeping you stuck, so that you may gain the strength and confidence to work through those barriers, increase your overall energy, and take inspired action towards your dreams.

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If you're feeling like something is "off" in your life, you're overly stressed, angry, sad, unfulfilled, or disconnected from your joy, it's time for a much-needed check in...

With your heart.

Fill out the form below to take The Assessment. Get clear and honest about where you're out of alignment so you can get to the heart of change and step into a more joyful life - starting today.




I am a firm believer that our purpose in our time here is to fully enjoy our lives.

When taking responsibility for ourselves and our experience, there is an energy in and all around us working on our behalf, allowing us to authentically align with the truth of who we are, supporting us in realizing the ideal vision for ourselves, and inevitably creating infinite joy in our lives.

That energy is Love.

When we can start to tap into the energy of Love for ourselves, for others, for the world around us - that is when our lives begin to change. All change begins with Love. With a strong, loving, heart center and a faith and belief in the power of Love, anything is truly possible.

This philosophy has brought me to where I am today and is my wish for you as well.

It's the deep inner work that's required to realize this energetic potential, and when you commit to this process, you'll soon start to see your life unfold in beautiful and miraculous ways.



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In all of my programs, you're working with a trained and qualified professional.



The 1:1 program is a free-form style, three month package, which focuses on working through different issues as they arise, increasing your overall awareness, energy, and ultimately helping you to release what is holding you back from changing your present circumstances so you can step fully into your most joyful future.

If you're seeking more for yourself and your life, and want to work with someone organically and intimately, then this program is for you. Learn more here.



I also offer a private one on one personal development retreat at an exclusive location.

The 1:1 Retreat is a structured style one-day program tailored to your needs, which focuses on helping you get clear on your desires and step into that vision.

If you're seeking more for yourself and want to explore this in a safe, supportive, and luxurious environment, then this program is for you. Learn more here.



The Mentorship is for the aspiring life coach, spiritual entrepreneur, or healer who is ready to answer their soul's calling.

A free-form style, six month package, we will start from the ground up to build a business that not only lights up your life, but lights the way for others.

If you want to feel totally in alignment with who you are and the work you are meant to do in the world, then this program is for you. Learn more here.



Lastly, I teach and speak professionally. I offer small in-person inspirational talks and group workshops to help elevate the lives of women and girls. If you are interested in hiring me to speak at an event or develop and teach a workshop within your company, school, or studio, please click here.